yogurt meaning in Odia ଦହି ।। How prepair and ଏହା ବିଷୟରେ ସଂପୂର୍ଣ୍ଣ ଜାଣନ୍ତୁ

 Yogurt meaning in Odia called ଦହି ବା ବସାଦହି . It is produce in the industry or factory by the using of bacteria into the milk. It is available to our market in different falovouir. It looks also different colours like: vanilla, hello, orange colour in our local market.

Yogurt meaning in Odia
Yogurt meaning in Odia
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Yogurt prepared 

yogurt is a dairy product that has to create like curd bot is created in the industry but it is also added another bacteria streptococcus thermophilus apart from lactobacillus. it is helpful to add some ingredients like vanilla, mango etc which help to taste and colour is more attractive also it helps to quickly available as compared to courd.

Yogurt uses in our dealt life

yogurt is a dairy product which eats can every people of Odisha because it is a very useful product. it is a bacterial formation of milk which create by milkman. in this yoghurt present bacteria like lactobacillus. it is a time taking product which creates by some days when milk is boiled and this milk have after 1-2 days it comes to yoghurt. 

it is a very essential product in our daily life because it is more healthy and fulfil by nutrients. it also helps people who have do not eat milk for any reason like milk does not have easily digest and some people it has elargy also but milk can consume a very high amount of people as compared to yoghurt. The yogurt is also used to any the occasions and puja.yogurt in Odia uses in Odisha people very much. it is an essential product for god when we are puja in our homes like Ganesh puja, durga puja and other celebration times we are used this dairy product.In this day it is also a product for eating in our dealy life by using packet and with the use of flavoured. in dome days it is available to our local market in icecream in many flavours like mango, green, vanilla. it is some people like to use in thier dealy life in the juice form or lassi. it is a very good material for the sailing market. it can be sail in lassi and juice also by the adding of some ingredients. it is also available at a cheap price. it is stored in our home by using freeze for a long time period. it is also used in curry-like Dahi-bara, Dahi-Bundi, Dahi-banana, etc in our home. It is available in our market in the form of the packet and this packet is produced by some small company like ommfed, milkmu etc. 

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Benefits of yogurt in odia

  • it is a very good product for the aged people which have fetch the joints pain and bone problem. it is fulfil calsium in our body also improve immune system to our body which help to fight to the disease.
  • it is a high protein source of the product due to the dairy or milk.
  • it improves to our digestive system because it can be digested slowly and other ingredients whose have not to digest it can digest also.
  • it helps to maintain our weight due to the presence of the small amount of fat and digestive easy.
  • nutrition present read nutrition of yogurt

Conclusion about the dairy products 

Yogurt in Odia described consumes very less amount fat, sodium, potassium, carbohydrate also present in this yogurt. it is a good source of calcium. 


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