Wood apple in odia complect deatails

wood apple in Odia called Bela( ବେଲ). Bela is a very sweet fruit. All parts of this plant use to our many health benefits. It is also used by Lord Mahadev (God) for leaf and wood apple fruit. It is also worship (ପୂଜା କରିବା) in Odisha. It is a sweet fruit also a beneficial tree and a leaf also roots in other words it is a medicinal plant. it is used to our many health benefits in Ayurveda it is used to our cure some disease.


Wood apple in Odia
Wood apple in Odia

Wood apple in Odia

This a fruit which locates in almost every district of Odisha and the other states of India. It is very much used because of the use of  Lord SHIVA for Vanga and Bela Patra. 
Wood apple farming is a profitable business because of the market demand and supplies less. It is also used in all the parts of this plant. Normally wood apples are used to BELA PANA, JUICE. 
Wood apple is looked India also another country. This tree is a high and very hard tree. It contains brownish pulp and a small white seed inside the fruit. The whole plant of the part is used in Ayurveda. this fruit is globose and spherical in shape. All parts of this tree are utilized for a number of purposes just like fragrances, soap, and also home furniture. It helps with digestive problems. The leaves of this tree are used differents things of Ayurveda. 
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This fruit is located globose or slightly pear-shaped with a diameter of 7-10 cm. This fruit is thick and hard rind which does not split on ripening. shell is woody, smooth, grey, green which turns yellow on ripening. This fruit outer is hard it should be cracked with a hammer.

Health benefits of Bela

This fruit benefits our body in different ways also all of the parts of this tree can use in Ayurveda. 
  • cure of constipation
  • cure peptic ulcers
  • Improve respiratory health
  • controls cholesterol, diabetics and uric acid
  • It acts as antioxidant
  • Prevent liver problem
  • Malaria Prevention
  • Cure for haemorrhoids
  • cure snake bites
  • Eye infection
  • Prevent Fever

wood apple in Odia is suitable for all age groups like a child to old man easily comfortable. It is eating to the child due to its taste also its smell is very sweet. Some people are eating this Bela in delay basic for improving health and fitness.


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