Top 10 Odia hero or Actor Who have give to beautiful movies:

The top 10 Odia hero and actor descri

Top 10 Odia hero or Actor
Top 10 Odia hero or Actor 

be full details about its supper hit film and awards and so on complete details. Here in simple words you can easily read and understand Top Odia Actor details. in this, we can collect all of the ideas and describe them with small content. I hope you can enjoy and read this web page.

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Babushan Mohanty

This actor is most popular in the Odia industry. He is also a singer and singing also beautiful hit song provided to the Ollywood industry. He is the son of Uttam Mohanty (Odia actor). His real name Tanmay Mohanty and his surname Babushan. He is Born in Bhubaneswar, Odisha. He gives to |Hit movies in Odia Industry and her all film is highly hit in the cinema hall. He is also a paid actor in the Odia industry. He is also known as a Comedy actor So, the fan following of the Odia industry is a girl because of her acting, styling, comedy, and all reason. He is an actor who has acting on all types of topics like Comedy movies, Love story movies, and other types of movies. He recently married and he has a one-child also. He gives to more awards by Ollywood cinemas for her acting purpose.

Sabyasachi Mishra

Sabyasachi is an actor in the Odia industry. He is famous for his work in cinema. He gives to more movies in the Odia industry also he is a large fan base in social media profiles. He is a married person who has a beautiful wife but for some reason he is diverse and in recent days he is married to Archita Mishra(Ollywood actor). Due to his acting, he is the role in the Telugu industry. He is a good Social worker in recent Corona time he donates some oxygen cylinders to the hospital. He also income in advertising companies out of the film industry because of his modeling carrier. He is completed his Btech in Electronics and Telecom in a private college in Odisha. He is getting awards in the Ollywood industry due to his acting. He gives to movies in the Odia industry like love drama movies, love story movies, in recent years he acting in Comedy-drama movies.

Anubhav Mohanty

Anubhav Mohanty is a superstar in the Ollywood industry. He is a professional as an actor in her life but after acting in lots of movies he is an MLA in Kendrapada and he is also known as a Politician. HE has married Barsha who is also an Ollywood actor but no have any child. Anubhav Mohanty was born in Cuttack, Odisha. He is also work in Bengali movies. He started his carrier as a  fashion designer then come to the Ollywood industry.  He gives to more love story movies in the Odia industry also he is an actor in Sidhant Mohapatra. He gives to More Odia film in Ollywood. Her first movie title is very interesting, this title is every Odia people “I Love You”. He is a high-paid actor in the Odia industry because is the brand of Anubhav Mohanty. He is a Large fan based in social media and he is more active in social media.

Arindom Roy

He is a most beautiful actor. He looks like a Hero due to height, face, finger. In the one word sat Arindom is a Handsome guy. He is working also in other film industries like Tamil, Bengali, and Oriya movies. He is an actor in the period of Anubhav and Sidhant. He gives more movies in Odia films in the Ollywood industry. He is acting in every Top Actor and acters in Ollywood. He is married for 28 years. He gives to Odia movies in love story drama, Love story, Action movie, and other movies. He is a good actor in Ollywood. He has also a high paid actor in Odia cinema. He is not more movies in India but also all movies are most demanding due to action scene, love scene, acting.

Swaraj Barik

in is a beautiful actor in the Odia industry who has to give to lots of movies in the Ollywood industry. he is passionate about acting filled. So, when he is children he also gives to acting in child character and great role. He is succussed in the first movie due to their hard work and fan following in the child actor. he stops acting in few years because he is doing the main role in the cinema industry. Her favorite actor is Anubhav Mohanty. He gives to top label film in Odia industry. He gives to 10-15 movies because in recent years h starting the hero role in Ollywood. He is Born in |Baripada. In the Child actor, he is acting as a top label hero of the Ollywoood industry. He is also awarded by state film awarded. Her fan following is not much because of her recently starts carrier.

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