tej patta in english

 tej patta in english / tej patta meaning in english

Tej patta in english
Tej patta meaning in english

Some people are saying Tej patta in english name called bay leaves. It is available in fresh and dried or available in powder. these leaves are slow to our cooked use of  tej patta uses in english like:

  • soups
  • sauces
  • stews

It is a cooking ingredient in many dishes. It adds a flavour or taste to our dishes.it is also used to make cooking production.

  1. It is helpful to our health in different ways like:
  2. help to reduce cancer risk
  3. It is managed glucose levels and cholesterol levels for diabetes people
  4. Reduce inflammation in our body
  5. Prevent kidney stone in our kidney
  6. Improved cognitive deficits in memory
  7. causing sweating
  8. Gas problem solve
  9. Dandruff reduce

bay leaf is safe to use when pregnant or breastfeeding. It also helps to blood sugar control. It is slow down the Central Nervous System(CNS) it basically helps in surgery times.

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 Tej Patta called in English

 tej patta ka in english

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