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summer season essay in odia describe for odia medium student summer season essay in odia grisma rutu odia Rachana write here

Rituraj Spring Break Bye The two months of Baishakh and the oldest are called summer. At that time, the sun was shining brightly and the ground was warm.

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summer season essay in odia
grisma rutu odia essay

In this summer season, The temperature is rising. Well, Water dries up from ponds, rivers and canals. Water creatures are more difficult. Get The soil is cracked. The trees are falling.

This season gets hotter in the summer. When the heat rises, it is hot. The wind blows harder. Feeling we have ‘Run out of gas’ emotionally. Dust storms every day. Happens. It is dark all around. The doors and the street are all hot. The body is sweating profusely. Everyone relies on fan winds and scattering winds.

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The trees are dry, The road is narrow. Road users are harassed. Feeling very thirsty. Animals push. Sticks out the tongue. The birds chirp and hide in the tree branches.

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This season is very irritating because of high heat, the water is evaporated into the air. summer season essay in odia pdf download here.

Flies up During the dry season, we grow in the mango tree. Panas is also ripe. Sapuri, palm, jamukoli and other fruits are eaten. People drink achuras, sarbat, belpana. At this time the day is big and the night is short. It rains during the dry season. Heavy rain or clouds fly away. There is also a hailstorm in this season.

summer season essay in odia

summer season essay in odia gets worse in the summer. It gets hot because of the heat | Humans, animals, and plants suffer. The trees are all overgrown Water Happy. All the grass dies. The cows have a hard time eating. Bath,. Acne also affects some people. During the summer, the moon travels, the water flows.

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