sparrow in odia meaning

 sparrow in Odia

Sparrow in Odia
Sparrow in Odia

sparrow in Odia is called GHARAJATIA. This bird looks in India fairly, also people are known for this bird for love.

It is a small size bird. They are also known for the true sparrows. The speed of the sparrow flying in the sky is 46km/h. These birds are mainly visible in Asia, North Africa and most European countries.

Some people believe that Sparrow is a symbol of Love. It truly indicates our true love or goddess of love so people are sharing this couple of birds with their partners.

Sparrow in Odia describe its type: it is mainly differentiated by their gender type like male sparrow: are looking bright with grey colour head, round rufous neck with white cheaks and black bib.  

Female sparrows: are looking buffy brown and dingy grey-brown colour underparts.

A sparrow is a member of the genus Passer and Passeride family. Sparrow are created their next near house or buildings they are also known as an old-world sparrows. sparrow meaning in Odia describe in this post read all of the article.

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