Solar system all planets name in odia


Solar system in odia or our home in space in odia describe. In this space, The Sun have contain the point of all the planets, stars, asteroids and all the planets that have surrounded the sun.

solar system in odia
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solar system in odia

Hee friend I explain the solar system in Odia. In the current, we are living on earth and in this earth, we are seen infinite space, not the ending point also we have seen the sun and moon his this earth.

There are 9 planets in Odia present in the solar system…

8 planets name in odia

Odia month


Sun Sun is not a planet, not a satelight. It is the star of the solar system. In this sun produce light and all the planet have consumed light. In this sun present hydrogen is converted to helium.

Mercury in odia

It is the 1st planet of the solar system. It is the very small distase of the sun as compaired to another planet. It is small in size and it is less weight as compared to others.

Vinus in odia

It is the 2nd planet of the solar system. It is a light flow. This planet has a 427-degree centigrade to high.

Earth in odia

Earth is a most popular in the list of plannet in this planeet life is contain due to tempreture. In this earth have present moon.

Mars in odia

It is the second smallest planet on the list of solar systems. In this mars have present mountain and present two moon.

Jupitor in odia

It is the largest and heavy planet of the solar system in odia. It is made by hydrogen and helium. In this jupitor present 67 moons.

Sarten in odia

It is the second-largest planet of the solar system odia. This planet have not drown in water. In this plannet have 62 moon.

Uranes in odia

t is the 3rd largest planet and it is very cool planet also. On this planet present 27 moon.

Neptune in odia

It is the last planet of the plannet. It is just similar to uranes. 14 moon present in Neptune.

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