season name in odia

odia rutu name list available here in table formate or some people say that season name in odia for child and competitive exam.

Summerଗ୍ରୀଷ୍ମ ଋତୁ
Rainyବର୍ଷ ଋତୁ
Autumnଶରତ ଋତୁ
Pre Winterହେମନ୍ତ ଋତୁ
Winterଶୀତ ଋତୁ
Springବସନ୍ତ ଋତୁ

In every year The cycle of changes in weather, climate and temperature according to time. In Odisha 6season in Odia have available that you know.

east west north south in odia

season name in odia / odia rutu name

season name in odia

The season name in Odia as most important because it is more necessary in our daily life for speaking which season have to perform at the time. It is very required for students and small children for known bout season, in Odisha 6season have to come one by one which I have explained in a bellow that you read and gain knowledge about the name of six season.

odia rutu name has described in this post that helps to season predict and it is must know child because all of the guys have to say in English words that are not easy for a small child.


What are the six seasons in Odia?

In Odisha 6 season has performed they are basically ଗ୍ରୀଷ୍ମ ଋତୁ, ବର୍ଷ ଋତୁ, ଶରତ ଋତୁ, ହେମନ୍ତ ଋତୁ, ଶୀତ ଋତୁ, ବସନ୍ତ ଋତୁ // all ritu has performed one by one in the season-wise.

How many seasons are there in Odia?

Odia is the mother tongue in Odisha and here 6 seasons have come one by one serially and all seasons are basically ଗ୍ରୀଷ୍ମ, ବର୍ଷ, ଶରତ, ହେମନ୍ତ, ଶୀତ andବସନ୍ତ ଋତୁ //

How many Ritu are there in Odia?

In Odia or Odisha, 6 ritu is available.

What is the meaning of spring season in Odia?

Spring is the king of all the seasons in Odisha and the people have to say ବସନ୍ତ ଋତୁ in the Odia language.

What is the meaning of autumn in Odia?

The season of Autumn has come after the rainy season and this season has very clear weather and fresh air in the environment with green on all trees( autumn – ବସନ୍ତ ଋତୁ).

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