saru vegetable in english is called arum vegetables details is here

 saru in English also commonly search saru vegetable in English called arum vegetable complect details also its benefits is here and why it should be eaten in our delay life.

In saru vegetable in English called arum. it is a long period of life without damage. it is use commonly in dalama and mixture also. in some time it is galu in our mouth. in Odia commonly say saru but in English called arum vegetable.

Sari in English
Saru in English

Saru is a vegetable product which used to every kind of dalama and other food item mixture. in dalama it is most commonly used for the taste p[roduct but in some people also used as a necessary product of dalama. it is also used in any type of curry in Odia food. it is used as Odia testy food and used for the dealy in our home vegetable product. it is also used for the chef or normally we say Karakuri chips it is on the pack and on the pack is full by nitrogen gas because of using a long period of time. the chips are very good taste and also pumpkin product. in the mixture, it is an essential product because of its taste and other good reason.

This arum vegetable is very costly product but rarely available in our market. this vegetable buys every nutritionist because of its healthy product with good observation of vitamin and mineral. it is easily not damaged after some month, so the vegetable is bought every people as compared to another vegetable. It is consumed 4-6 month easily but normally vegetable are not going 1-2 weak. so it is famous for the store so many days.

The farmer has grown this vegetable easily . it is not required to water when it is growing. it almost grows when an excess of water. it is not work had because after the farming this vegetable you can get this when it is complected dye this tree. it is almost profitable farming because of their market value and it is used as also every curry and cheaps. 

Saru vegetable is filled like soft after boil water but it is hard. it is fell also nalua. in some people it is large or it is not eaten because their body can not absolve this vegetable. it is some cases it is galu so people avoid this vegetable for some reason.

Saru in English contains high amount of vitamin and minerals which help our body like control blood sugar, increase anticancer properties, help to heart.

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