Saraswati puja wishes in Odia 2022 image / photo / status

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Saraswati puja wishes image

saraswati puja odia wishes

saraswati puja is one of the important pujas in our Odisha in this puja students are pray to Saraswati for improving knowledge.

Saraswati puja odia wishes image

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saraswati puja wishes in odia

Saraswati Puja odia image is a great thing that has been going on since ancient times. Festival The worship is also performed at schools, offices and homes. Before the puja, the school is slaughtered and the surroundings are cleaned. Funds are collected Children eagerly participate in worship. Worship. The house is clean and tidy. The lime is cleaned. Of the upper class. Children take responsibility. He is assisted by headteachers. . Do The inside and outside of the shrine are decorated with coloured paper. Outside the room, two banana trees are planted. It is decorated with self, deity and Champa leaves. The idol is brought before the puja. Worship items are added. | Children wear new clothes on worship days. Holding flowers and food. Comes to school. The priest comes and worships. The room of worship rises with the scent of incense, lamps and incense. The sound of bells, bells, bells creates a sense of devotion in the mind. Homes are made. Then those who bring coconuts beat. Enjoy. Then all together, wreaths. Gives Children and invited gentlemen enjoy. Then. . Feast Everyone returns home after the party. The day after the puja, the goddess is seen. Statues are floated in nearby rivers or ponds. | Last but not least: the Goddess Saraswati Vidya, the presiding deity. His worship. Arjana fills the mind with devotion.

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happy saraswati puja 2022 odia image

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date & time

The puja is held every year on the fifth day of Magh Shukla. This is usually the case in English. It is celebrated in January or February. Some call it Sripanchami or Basanta Panchami.

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