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samba dashami 2022

In every year 12 January 2022 Wednesday (pausa masa) occur, this puja has to different name like Samba Dashami, sambar Dashami, Satagodi, Sataghadi, Badha Barba, Pila khia.

Samba dashami12 january 2022 wednesday
sambar dashami 12 january 2022 wednesday
dashami puja

samba dashami puja vidhi

In this puja arrange 7 plates of food and the food item has 7 types, 7 sugar items, 7 cake items have arranged and 7 types of flowers used in this puja. after the finish puja, some children have to eat 6 plates and one plate is eaten by any of family member.

samba dashami puja vidhi
sambar Dashami

some people say This puja is also called Surjya puja (sun pray). This puja is doing for health problem of all people of family or simple word it occurs because of the healthy family. Odia Shayari

happy samba dashami 2022

This puja started after the sunrise on the sky and many more types of food (pitha) and other food item given to the sun and this food item is eaten by a small child so you have gain benifits of this Puja.

happy samba dashami 2022
happy samba Dashami
samba dashami puja

History of Samba Dashami

In the Dwapara Yago the lord Krisa son Samba has the issue of KrusnaRoga so the lord Krisa 7 I land and intelligent Braman has puja in this day has prayed to lord sun and then Samba has relief this disease. So, the people have puja on this day because of the non-disease family.
The disease of the Samba because of the samba has to curse from gopi.

happy samba dasami odisha

In this puja have 7 number of food and seven plates arranged for food for the child. This 7 is my favourite number of sun.
On this day lord sun, rath has to go Konark to Chandravaga. In the Konark, we have easily seen the sunrise just like the sun have start rise in their see sun have to come in earth.

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