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This season is experienced in the two months of Asadha and Shravan. But then it rains for another two months. It’s called a quarter moon. barsha rutu Rachana odia image here.

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rainy season essay in odia
rainy season odia essay

This season comes after summer season, Everyone wants rain, like hurricanes. Clouds of rain come in the early evening. It’s raining. Does The earth is calm and cold. Nature laughs again India is an agricultural country.

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Farming depends on the rainfall. Farming begins in the this season. Seeing the rain, the peacock dances. Birds sing. The greenery is beautiful all around. The environment is beautiful in the rain.

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During the monsoon season, natural beauty increases. Green grass again on rough soil. Appears. Empty water and water all around. The children float the boat on paper. Chahla loves to walk in the water. Some people love to get wet in the rain. Various types of vegetables and crops are grown.

rainy season essay in odia
barsa rutu rachana odia

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