Protein in Odia complete details in this post

Proteins in Odia

Protein in odia
Protein in odia

Protein in Odia called PRUSTISARA is here describe all of the things of protein describe in odia also its benefits and needs to our body. Protein is complex nitrogen. 
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It is the combination of carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and nitrogen. it is helpful to our growth of the body, body parts repairing, biological activity in our body. 
It is help energy to our body. It is created by amino acids. In human beings, 15% of our body is made of protein. in-human 20 types of protein are required but our body is created 10 types of protein and other proteins are created by our dealy food. 
It is required to every people who is gain to muscle, energetic to every day so many works in our human body. the age of 16-18 years age of boys which weight is 57kg protein required 78 grams and girls in same protein is required 63 grams. 
Protein is mainly 3 types 
  • plant protein
  • animal proteins
 plant protein is consumed basically by humans. which is a natural protein. this protein can be eaten by any of the people who are vegetarian or non-vegetarian. it is available at a cheap price as compared to animal protein. it is normally eating every people due to natural protein also present of other vitamin and minerals sources. ex soybean, 
animal protein is available costly. it is eaten only by non-vegetarian people. ex- chicken breast, fish, egg.
 It helps our body for different types like:
  • it helps to create a cell, protoplasm, tissue.
  • It is provided to the energy of our body
  • it is helpful to conduction

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