Potala vegetable in English also Parwal in English


Potala vegetables in English or Parwal in English describe their benefit and their uses  in full content

Potala vegetable in English

Potala vegetables in English or some people called Potala in English complect explain how it can be available in the market and why use and its vitamin and nutrients, its colour, cost of this vegetable and how to eat in our home fully comp[lect details in here to explain. how to testy this vegetable many types of curry in our home.

Potala vegetable in English

Potala vegetable in English

Potala in English

Potala is a beautiful vegetable which contains dealy basic because of its available in local market its taste is good. it is normally many types of item in our home to create.

Potala is produced by the farmer it is growing on the upper side of tree its farming is more benefits the farmer he has to profit in this vegetable production it is mostly used every people consume because of the taste of this vegetables. it is almost every time available in the local market due to farming of more amount of production. So, it is also profit the farmer and it is cheaply available in our market. when a farmer can give this vegetable it mostly takes 4-5 days then it should be damaged or not for eating so it takes more than 10-15 days more carefully by the using of water and other medicine., it is more risk to the sale for the farmer and grossery holder sale quickly.

its colour looks like kunduri in big size or width is 5centemeter and length is 10centemiter and its site position is 1-2 cm and the colour is white green when it is freed or comes from a tree in the last 1-2 days after it looks like yellow-green so the shop keeper always tries to the colour of green by using efforts. so, they can sell their price and not lose. 

by using the potola we can easily Potala Allu Vaja, Potala Allu rasa, panir Potala, and mixture by adding Potala, and other types of items. it is mostly mix in every food so it is costly in the market.


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