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Odia serial is the way of entertainment purpose. Zee Sarthak serial list, Tarang TV serial list, colours odia serial list here… This serial watches every people from child to old people because it is too much time taking and interesting.

This serial is a story basic. This story is too long so this story has taken one to 5 years approximability.

Odia serial list of TV channel
Odia serial

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Odia serial describe

The Odia people are loved watching this Odia serial because it can help to internment and happiness, also sadness to our mood.

It is the presentation of a dramatic way to present a story. This story is too long so this story has taken one to 5 years approximability.

This serial is fully different from movies because this serial has to earn more than Laks rupees as compared to movies but it has produced in a small amount of money so the products are easily have taken time at least one to three years something.

In the present market, serial is seen by almost every person.

This serial is seen by most women because they have much more time and producers are design this serial to engaging people too much. In this current time, the young generation is love to watching this serial because of this serial is too much engaging content deliver and suspense in every part of the episode.

These serial actors and actors are gone to the movies industry because of acting and the popularity of the news coverage and social media viral. The people are watching this serial because of producers are suspense, thriller, emotion and love also add happiness in every episode of the serial.

Odia TV channel produce Odia serial

In Odia television different channels have created different serial in Odia. In the list of tv called which create serial is

  1. Tarang tv
  2. Sarthak
  3. Colors odia
  4. Manjuri

All of these create serial on a weekly basis. These serial are so popular as compared to movies. This serial creates a record of our industry.

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Tarang serial list

Zee Sarthak serial

Colors Odia serial lists

Manjuri TV serial list

Serial list of different TV channel

Tarang TV serial list

  • Srimandira
  • Tarini Akhira Tara
  • Sindurara Adhikara
  • Jhia Amara Nuabohu
  • Maaya
  • Kunwari Bohu
  • Mangalacharana

Zee Sarthak serial list

  • Kuni Bhoota
  • Radhika
  • Hey Prabhu
  • Dibyadrusti
  • Kemiti Kahibi Kaha
  • Mahadevi
  • Bijayinee
  • Shyama

Manjari TV serial List

  • Nanada Putuli
  • Mo Dehe Bolide To Deha Kala
  • Rakta Sampark
  • Singhadwara
  • Bohu Amara NRI

Colours Odia serial list 

  • Naagin
  • Geeta
  • Ehi Milana Juga Jugara
  • Sasughara Chali Jibi
  • Rajanandini
  • Mithuna Rashi
  • Sasughara Chali Jibi

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