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tilapia fish in odia

Tilapia fish in odia is called as KAU MACHHA. It is the Most benifitioal fish and this fish life is long time period. Tilapia fish is benifits to our body in many types In this fish avelable protein and vitamin and other nutrients. tilapia fish in odia image In this image you are easily seen …

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mahurali fish

mahurali fish

mahurali fish is small in size and present lots of nutrients and help to human body in many ways It is the small size fish in the fish. It is the best nutrition fish because it is on the list of small fish. It is benifits to our heart, control diabetes, benifits to our eye …

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mackerel fish in odia

Mackerel fish in odia

Mackerel fish in Odia callled as MIRIKALI Machha. this fish is consume in dealy basic due to easily available in India. Mackerel fih contain full of Omega-3 fatty acids which help to our immunity and help to grow hair and repair skin also so people are consume omega-3 capsule but in this fish it is …

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human body part in odia

stomach meaning in odia

Stomach is a “J” shaped organ present between the oesophagus and small intestine. stomach meaning in odia is called as stomach in odia Stomach temporary storage of food. In the stomach present 4 layers. Stomach help to grind or mix food and produce liquid to the next organ so the food is easily digested, so …

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kidney in odia

kidney in odia meaning describe

kidney meaning in odia called BRUKUK. it is available for every person to describe kidney in odia. kidney in odia image Kidney is 4-5 inches long and bean-shaped organs have 130 grams of weight. It is located in the posterior abdominal wall. The kidney in odia helps to purify the blood in this organ has …

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lings in odia

lungs meaning in odia language

Lungs meaning in odia is called JAKRUTA. lungs meaning in Odia language, describe full details. Lungs are present on either side of the chest in the human body. It is available in 2 different colours child-pink, and adult-brown. Lungs are mainly 1100 grams right-600 gms and left-550 gms of lungs in odia. lungs meaning in …

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human body part in odia

Pancreas in Odia

It is present in the human body located in the abdomen, behind the stomach and functions as a gland. Itis work as the digestive system of vertebrates. The pancreas in Odia is mainly 12-15 cm long. Benifit od Pancreas in odia The pancreas is a mixed gland. it works mainly 3 types like produce fluid …

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