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 this Odia love story starts with the birthday of Suraj. Suraj has invited all of them friends like school, college, family friends also office staff have to come their part to celebrating with Suroj birthday. 

Odia love story
Odia love story

At this birthday party, Ajaya has to come, 

he is the bestfriend of suroj. 

Ajaya:: At this party, Ajaya has seen a girl who has might be beautiful in this time Ajay have to Fallon in love at first sight. 

Suroj:: come to ajaya and say hee ajjay ejoy party.

Ajaya:: say to Suroj who is the girl?

Suraj:: who girl.

Ajaya:: the girl who has a white dress, open hair, black belt, brown gel polish, and so on.

Suraj:: have you gone to my party or seen the girls who might their.

Ajaya:: say who are see?

Suraj:: see is my school friend. and said the girl her name is Maya come to here.

Mayaa:: come to the ajaya and suroj.

Suroj:: mayaa this is my friend ajayaa. and after talking suroj is gone there for her important call.

This Odia love story is starting

after some time…

Mayaa:: Hii why are you nervous Ajayaa.

Ajaya:: nothing much, and he speaks the word why are you so beautiful Maya.

Mayaa:: what are you say ajayaa.

Ajaya:: I mean are you come from out of the earth,

Mayaa:: No, I am from Mumbai.

Ajaya:: I have also Mumbai.

Mayaa:: what are you work here Ajaya.

Ajaya:: any other reason Ajaya have to go theirs because of the shyness.

In this first meeting it is not to happen but in their Suroj have to promise the Ajaya and Maya have to close.

Always Suraj says to Ajaya I have to marriage to this girl Maya and this girl have to sweet, master and so on beautiful word against Ajaya.

After some months Ajayaa and Maya have to get married. they are happy in their life Ajayaa has a civil engineer and Maya has to software engineer.

At the time Ajaya always says to Maya are you looking so beautiful and always they are to each other so it is a great love story which example to any other who have might know about love. This Odia love story is mine real experience.


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