Odia letter writing 3 formates with image

Odia Letter writting

Odia letter writing Is used mainly for different kinds of purposes like exams, requirements of material inform some officer or parents etc.

Odia letter formate

Odia letter formate is 3 types for different purposes.

  1. private letter
  2. official letter
  3. business letter

All these letters are used in our daily life and fulfil our requirements.
Private Letter. Read Odia application

Private letter

In this private letter, we are letter to privately or own letter. I this letter you can latter to father, mother, friends etc
Official Letter. Odia letter writing image bellow.

Official Letter

In this Odia letter formate to write a letter against to officer for some problem. This letter mainly focuses on government officers for a different query.

example of letter to headmaster, BDO. etc.

letterwriting in odia to headmaster

Business Letter

This Business Letter is a letter to business query for business problem-solve. It is mainly lettered to the high level of business like Letter to telephone manager, new toward in our place etc. Odia letter pdf of business.

business letter in odia

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