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In this article we share the question and answer odia byankarayana it helps all people who have to learn Odia and searches for odia question.

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odia grammar mcq

In this mcq you will get mcq question on short type and aneswar also you can visit our website odiatopics.in

Odia grammar aneswar

  • tilapia fish in odia
    Contents1 tilapia fish in odia image2 Nutrients3 Benifits Tilapia fish in odia is called as KAU MACHHA. It is the Most benifitioal fish and this fish life is long time period. Tilapia fish is benifits to our body in many types In this fish avelable protein and vitamin and other nutrients. tilapia fish in odia …

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  • list of odisha chief minister (1947-2024)
    Contents1 List of odisha chief minister1.1 Dr. Harekrushna Mahatab1.2 Biju Patnaik1.3 Janaki Ballav Patnaik1.4 Naveen Patnaik Know about all the list of odisha chief minister with the ruler year and party of them. All leader has power in their present rule time, if you have ruled their time then comment. We discuss 14 (all) list …

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  • city of odisha list (All)
    The city of Odisha has described one by one on bellow which helps your nearest journey for search work/job on the nearest location of your cities very easily. Name of Town/Cities Name Cuttack Bhubaneswar Talcher Choudwar Banki Boudha Burla Sambalpur Sonepur Jajpur Anandpur Aska Chhatra Pur Nabarangpur Rourkela Sudargarh Brajarajanagar Jharsuguda Bhadrak Balasore Puri Jaipur …

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  • Ports in odisha (All list)
    We provide all the odisha port list one by one with their district of odisha state which helps to know about everything about ports in odisha. All the ports are managed by our government of Odisha state and India which has a big impact on our capital income, you have definitely visit the place and …

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  • Festival in Odisha (all festivals with month name)
    Mahabisuba Sankranti, Akshaya Trutuiya, Chandan Yatra, Nrusingha Janma Sitala Sasthi, Debasnana Purnima, Raja Festival, Sabitri Amabasya Sri gundicha, Bahuda Yatra, Byasa Purnima, Chitalagi Amabasya Nagapanchami, Jhulana Yatra, Gamha Purnima Khudurukuni Osha, Janmastami, Ganesh Puja, Ananta Brata, Sunia Somnath Brata, Radhastami Biswakarma Puja, Dusehara, Kumar Purnima Deepabali, Aania Nabami, Rasa Purnima, Baliyatra Prathamastami, Pandu Purnima Bata …

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Odia Grammar questions and answers

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