Odia barnabodha book pdf 32+ pages

 Odia chabila madhu barnabodha book all pages in pdf formate is here read and download for your need. odia barnabodha bahi letter is describe here.📖📚

It is the first book everyone have to start tech for allodia people. It is also called Chabila Madhu Barnabodha. In this book, you can read and improve knowledge by Odia letter or Odia alphabet with Panikia also available in this book.This book is amazing to gain our knowledge in Odia language and you can start read-write Odia after completing this

Chabila Madhu barnabodha 

Odia barnabodha image
Odia barnabodha


This book is written by– Anada kumari Raut 

This book is 32 page 

In this book you can get odia barnamala(Odia Alphabet), a banana , Odia Phala, bibidha patha, some hard pronoun sections in Odia language, Odia bara masa rutu, Odia Prarthana, Odia barnabodha juktakhyara, Odia pannikin, the simplest way to learn numbers in Odia, weight measurement Odia, ABCD, Jana Gana Gita, also know our country flag.

Odia phala

In this odia phala you can learn how to write some sentences out of barnamala or simple sentences (abana). This phala is written in odia barnamala

Odia paikia 

It is most useful in our delayed life by number counting and money so people are definitely read this panikia for their higher study also use in deal with money(buying/sealing).

Odia masa, bara, rutu

It is necessary to learn because it is shown to our present day, date, also which season, and which month by this we can easily go anywhere and work. if you know details please read 

odia barnabodha book all pages here in pdf formate.



writer of chabila m,adhu barnabodha Madhusudhana Rao is a freedom fighter and write story, novel etc…

This book is available in all houses because we know it is the main thing that it is necessary for all children how to start the Odia language this book guides to this student.

At this time our government has started an Anganabadi where the teacher teaches and read all of this barnabodha book student are come to after 2-5 year. This time child has to get many facilities also learn how to say odia also know about English also.

In this article, we are providing all of the pages of the Odia barnabodha book (chabila Madhu barnabodha). All parts are available in pdf version or ebook some people said. you can easily download and use the download button. this book or pdf is repaired by clicking the photo of barnabodha book you can read your child if your child knowledge about the Odia language.


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