mahurali fish

mahurali fish is small in size and present lots of nutrients and help to human body in many ways

It is the small size fish in the fish. It is the best nutrition fish because it is on the list of small fish. It is benifits to our heart, control diabetes, benifits to our eye is a good level, help with joint pain.

mahurali fish
mahurali fish

It is the best source of nutrients and rich of nutrients it basically helps the student for eye power improve, for the old man it is eaten because of joint pain removal.

balia fish
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This mahurali fish is available in the market in rairly basic and consumption are low level because of this fish not consume indirectly because of it is consumed after the removal of the black portion of the pancreas which available in the belly part.

This fish is consumed in dealy basic for teste after the adding of Besar and removing of the pancreas because this is the poison of the human body.

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