list of odisha chief minister (1947-2024)

Know about all the list of odisha chief minister with the ruler year and party of them. All leader has power in their present rule time, if you have ruled their time then comment. We discuss 14 (all) list of cm of odisha on the list wise.

List of odisha chief minister

Sl No.Name of Chief MinistersPartyYear
1Dr.Harekrusna MahatabIndian National Congress15, Aug 1947 TO 12, May 1950
2Sri Nabakrushna ChoudhuryIndian National Congress12 May 1950 to 19Oct 1956
3Dr.Harekrushna MahatabIndian National Congress19Oct 1956 to 25Feb 1961
4Biju PatnaikIndian National Congress23 June 1961 to 2 Oct 1963
5Biren MitraIndian National Congress2Oct 1963 to 21 Feb 1965
6Sadashiv TripathyIndian National Congress21Feb !965 to 8 Mar 1967
7Rajendra Narayana Sing DeoSwatantra Party8 Mar 1967 to 9 Jan 1971
8Biswanath DasIndependent3 April 1971 to 14 June 1972
9Nandini SatpathyIndian National Congress14 June 1972 to 16 Dec 1976
10Binayak AcharyaIndian National Congress29 Dec 1976 to 30 April 1977
11Nilamani RoutrayJanata Party26 June 1977 to 17 Feb 1980
12Janaki Ballava PattnaikIndian National Congress9 June 1980 to 10 Mar 1985
13Janaki Ballava PattnaikIndian National Congress10 Mar 1985 to 7 Dec 1989
14Hemananda BiswalIndian National Congress7 Dec 1989 to 5 Mar 1990
15Biju PattnaikJanata Dal5 Mar 1990 to 15 Mar 1995
16Janaki Ballabh PatnaikIndian National Congress15 Mar 1995 to 17 Feb 1999
16Giridhari GamangIndian National Congress17 Feb 1999 to 6 Dec 1999
17Hemanda BiswalIndian National Congress6 Dec 1999 to 5 Mar 2000
18Naveen PattnaikBiju Janata Dal5 Mar 200 to 16 May 2004
19Naveen PattnaikBiju Janata Dal16 May 2004 to 21 May 2009
20Naveen PattnaikBiju Janata Dal21 May 2009 to 21 May 2014
21Naveen PattnaikBiju Janata Dal21 May 2014 to 19 MAy 2019
22Naveen PattnaikBiju Janata Dal19 May 2019 to Incumbent

Dr. Harekrushna Mahatab

He has the odisha first prime minister when India has freedom(1947). Harekrushna Mahatab was born on the date of 21st November of 1899. Their Father’s name has Krushna Chandan Das and her mother Tohapha Debi lived in the Balasore district. He found Bhubaneswar as the capital of Odisha and start the multipurpose Hirakud Dam Project. you see the list of cm of Odisha and know about Odisha all Cm by year of ruled on orisha state.

Biju Patnaik

He has the great leader of odisha and now the present time her son (Naveen Pattnaik) has CM’s last 5 elections. Biju Patnaik Has born on 5 March 1916 and he has a brilliant student who studies abroad in India.

Janaki Ballav Patnaik

He has born on the date of 3rd January 1947at Rameshwar of puri. Her life journey has been interesting because they completed her graduation(Utkal university) >> Political Science >> Start her Journalism career.

Naveen Patnaik

He was born on the date of 16th October 1946 at Cuttack, a graduate student who ruled Odisha from 2000 to the incumbent which available list of cm of odisha on top. He was the first CM who ruled Odisha for many years also he has a writer (wrote many non-fiction books on India). He started the party as Biju Janata Dal.

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