kolatha in English or kulthidal in english describe with its benefits

 kolatha in English / kulthidal in englishkolatha in english called as HORSE GRAM. 

Kolkata in english
Kolkata in english


Traditional Medicine

horse gram is help to many more disease so, prevent our disase like: asthma, bronchitis, urinary problems, jundice, and many of the disease.

Glowing Skin

It is help to preventy our skin disease. In the market it is uses as a facial pack to prevent skin problem and clean the skin.

Control diabetics

by eating the raw or unsprouted  horse gram help to reduce the glycemic index, by slow down carbohydrate digetion and reduce insulin or reduce diabetics.

Promoting weight loss

It is reduce the LDL cholesterol and increase the HDL cholesterol, it direct attack fatty tissue stored in the body and favourable to melting body fat Which help to weight Loss.

Improve Sperm Count

This horse gram present calcium, phosphorus and amino acid that boost our sperm count in male.

Treats Kidney Stones

Horse gram is a dynamic ingredient which promote remedying kidney disorders.


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