What is Kokum in odia and describe benefits of kokum in Odia language

 Kokum in Odia is a spice or sour fruit also is a medicinal benefit to our body. It is rarely available in our Odisha but available on the western side. It is used for butter also.

Kokum in Odia

Kokum is a fruit which eaten by people for health benefit snd spice taste. 
Kokum in odia
Kokum in Odia
   kokum is also known as Garcinia Indica and other people say “Indian Butter”. It is a fruit which a family of mangosteen plants.           This fruit look is yielded dark red coloured. the outer part of this fruit is dried which is called aamsol. This outer of the fruit is yield blackish-purple colour. 
    Kokum help to weight loss in our body. it is helpful to acidity in our body and help to sunstroke. it also helps the skin for many more benefits. It is a plant-based so it is used in Ayurveda a few years ago also.
       Kokom is farming in India of western side available. it is used for spice just like lemon, amala. This use for medicinal benefits just like stomach problems and liver problems. It is used for skin problems. 

Benefits of kokum

Kokum help to benefits our body in a different method just likes:
  • Diarrhoea
  • Improve digestion
  • skin healthy
  • healthy hair 
  • solve gas problem
  • remove allergy
  • weight loss
  • balance weight
  • healthy heart

Uses of kokum in odia

We can use kokum in different ways like:
  1. Kokum Fruit paste
  2. Kokum juice
  3. Wound Butter

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