karpura in english / Gandha karpura in english


 karpura in english / Gandha karpura in english

Karpura in english is called Camphor. It is an organic compound that uses for creams, ointments, and lotions.

karpura in english or Gandha karpura in english
Karpura in english

Camphor oil is extracted from camphor trees it is used to relieve pain, irritation, and itching, inflammatory conditions.

Camphor is mainly available in the market in 3 different types like Brown, Yellow, and white colours

Gandha karpura in english is easily absorbed in the skin.

Side effect

  1. It is never applied internally to the body only uses in the external part of the body. 
  2. It is never applied to broken skin.

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  1. reduce hair loss 
  2. Reduce acne on the face
  3. reduce muscle spasms
  4. Reduce anxiety
  5. Improve blood circulation

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