janhi vegetable in english complete details gourd in odia

 Janhi vegetable in English gourd full describe also the details of its benefits in this content or describe gourd in Odia.

Janhi vegetable in English

Janhi is a vegetable which eats in after cury. it is a very good taste and also it is a good vegetable in our vegetables of the whole.

in Odia, it is also called janhi and in English, it is called gourd.

Janhi vegetable in English
Janhi vegetable in English

it is rise on the small. it is growing on the earth or any support needs for growth. it can very risk taken for a growing time of tree because by the human or other animal or any kind of things it can be broken or broken the tree easily so the farmer completely guides the tree very carefully. it is more complicated for growth on earth. So, the farmer can use these trees with the help of any kind of dead tree so it can be grown on this tree and proper way to take care farmer and no risk to any more.

Janhi farming in Odisha 

in Odisha, this tree is farming also and sealing their product on the local market also .outside of the market. it costs approximately to another vegetable cost. it is an affordable price to give any of the people who have might buy these vegetables. it cost varies from different things like when farming is low but required is high, another season when it can not produce in this it can charge high because of the cost of production and cost of storing charge. 

it looks like a pothole structure where the length is long its colour is green and plain also.

Benefits of janhi

it contains more vitamins and minerals and other medicinal properties also. it helps to body digestion and glowing to our body. So, some people are drinking this janhi in juice from it is more valuable in town or cities. the medicine company also use this vegetable recommended for eating it can also use this product for antiaging or skin glowing product 



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benefits of janhi 

  • home remedy the urinary infection
  • reduce stress
  • high fiver
  • present vitamin c
  • skin glowing agent
  • relief acidity
  • low sodium
  • low carbs help diabetics
  • low carbohydrates
  • less amount of calories present

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