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Flax seeds in Odia is called phesi, mirikali, linseed, it is used by almost every person in delayed life. It is normally used for skin glowing. It is used in oil form and some creepy food. On this website odiatopics, you can get all types of the topic in your mind in the Odia language. here is the right place you can visit. thank you for visiting…

It is a high-demand seed in the world because of its quality and flaxseed is a new food eat for people because of more and more vitamins and nutrients. it. it helps to protect our body health and prevent diseases like heart disease,

Diabetes, and breast cancer. it is using my kind of food from crackers to frozen waffles oatmeal. the flax council close to 300 new flax-based products were launched in the USA and  Canada in 2010 alone.

In the present market, the demand for flaxseed is more demand So that the growth of flaxseed is increased. also, agriculture has to demand of growth of flaxseed because flaxseed is used to feed all those chicken that are lying egg with higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids.

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Flaxseed in odia
Flaxseed in odia
  • flaxseed in Orissa:  in Orissa flaxseed is known as Alasi and in the local language called Pesi.

    it is produced Kalahandi district. it produces more than a thousand tones of flaxseed in a year. this farmer can give their product through brokers at a cheap price.

  • Pesi seed:   in Odisha the flaxseed name is Pesi. it is a local language name of flaxseed. it is more useful in our delay rutin because of their vitamin and mineral and other health benefits.
  • flaxseed used and benefits:   flaxseed is a more efficient product for delayed uses and its benefits. it is consuming more than a thousand cr people in the world. its uses for skin because of omega-3, its use of heart disease, also cancer.
  • linseed oil in Odia: it is an oil of flaxseed. it comes when the seed is fully dry and in it through in machine to produce oil. it is a more efficient oil like heart, skin, and more benefits.
  • flaxseed tree:   it is not a small tree. the farmer can be farming this tree in summer to any. it is profitable farming because of the demand for this seed.
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