Fat meaning in Odia or lipids meaning in Odia

 Fat meaning in Odia

Fat meaning in Odia called SETWASARA. fats are made up of glycerol and fatty acid.

Fats are also known as lipids and oil. fats provide energy to our brain.

Fat or lipids meaning in Odia
Fat or lipids in odia

It is eaten by every people due to eating benefits and taste. Its taste varies different due to its bond or chain. Fats are soluble in organic compounds also water.

Fats are mainly 3 types these are::

  1. simple
  2. compound
  3. derived

simple fat is made by 3 fatty acids attached to glycerol. These fats contain more than 90% of food and body fat.

Compound fat is attached with additional compounds like esters, alcohol, sugar and protein.

derived fat is the combination of simple and compound lipids. It is 2 type sterols and other in fatty acid.

It is provided to lots of Kal. it is mainly available in junk food. healthy facts are available in the market.

Fat is different types due to dietary sources

  • saturated fats
  • unsaturated fats

saturated fats are available in animal sources like meat, butter, cream, palm oil etc. It is non-benefits to the body when it consumes more amount of this fat can be eaten.

Unsaturated fats are known as good fats because they help our body block cholesterol. It is available in nuts like avocado, olives, chia seeds, almond, etc


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