Durga puja essay in odia / Dussehra essay in odia

Durga Puja essay in odia language for a student for a school exam or write Dussehra essay in odia for odia medium student Durga puja essay in odia

Durga Puja is a great festival for Hindus. this puja occur in autumn and puja has begun in 10 days and last 3-4 days school have closed and student is happy to see all the lord Durga and fasting some people on this day. Ashwin Shukla Dashami is called Dashahara or Vijaya Dashami.

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Durga puja essay in odia

Durga Puja is celebrated in Cuttack with great pomp. In addition, Puri, Bhubaneswar and other place The festival is celebrated. Cuttack is made of silver. Some worship. Gold crowns, etc., are erected for the idols in the mandapa Beautiful Craftsmanship and attractive arches are made. Dussehra essay in odia student visited all the places Blinking eyes forget the light in the electric light. In the place of worship, the sweet fragrance fills the mind with devotion. Vijaya has a purpose to celebrate the Dashahara festival on the tenth day.

This puja is held because of a big story: In this day lord, Durga has killed Mahisasura ( very big Danav) who Is ferreting from all the gods. Durga has saved all the gods from the Mahisasur. This is another false of Maa Parvati. Students are writing this Durga puja essay in odia by explaining his story also.

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Durga puja essay in odia
Dussehra essay in odia

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