dragon fruit in Odia ନାଗଫେଣି ଫଳ and its price in Odisha describe

dragon fruit in odia called ନାଗଫେଣି ଫଳ ଏହା ନାଗଫେଣି ଗଛରେ ହୋଇଥାଏ ।। This fruit is demanding fruits because of vitamin and nutrition and low amount of fat. In Odisha dragon fruit price is 300-500 per 1kg.
Dragon fruit in odia
Dragon fruit in odia

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dragon fruit in odia

dragon is a fruit which looks is more beautiful. it is farming is very easy its required a basket with compost. it is also a testy fruit and good locking so in the most recent year it is most popular in the market in the fruit section.

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its other name is Honolulu queen it listens like a beautiful word in the fruit dictionary. It is open at night time. it’s bright red skin with green scales. its seed is black which is present inside the dragon fruit.

Benefits of dragon fruit

It is good in our health benefits such as looks and names it also impact to our health like:

  • high in nutrient
  • vitamin c present
  • healthy gut
  • strong immune system
  • boost iron in our body

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  1. I want to cultivate the dragon fruit, please let me advise the complete cultivation process from land preparation to harvest alongwith marketing, Thankyou.


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