celery in Odia describe benifits and nutrients in oriya languadge


 celery in Odia is called DHANIA PATRA. It is a sweet smell also good taste. people are used this for after curry and uses of dhania chatuni.

Celery in Odia
Celery in Odia

spinach in Odia

Celery in Odia

Celery is a green leaf vegetable use in our daily life as a salad like fresh condition or cooked condition. It is used in Ayurveda because of its health benefits and is easy to available. 

Celery is used to tasty to our dishes, and its seed are used for health benefits. It is used also in traditional medicine.

It looks like Dhania but its leaf is long as compared to dhania leaf. Its leaves are vegetable and sed is small. It is available almost in Odisha in the month of February-April. 

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It is used to our delay life for many more recipe and other things like after the finish of curry due to the taste and smell. basically, lots of humans use this leaf for chicken curry. It is also used for soap due to benefits like digestion and skin related issues.

Some people are love this leaf too much so he can direct consume it without any product.

Health benefits

It is helpful to our health like :

  • Preventing inflammation
  • Prevent liver disease
  • gout
  • Hyperlipidemia


It is used in our diet in these types:

  1. salad
  2. Soup
  3. Risottos

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