Castor oil in Odia meaning and describe about all things with uses and benifits


 Castor oil in Odia meaning ଜଡାତେଲ. It is a seed oil of the plant castor. This plant is farming in India due to its medicinal properties, uses for skin, hair and other benefits. castor oil price in Odisha 150-300 due to its farming in India.

Castor oil in Odia
Castor oil in Odia

Castor oil in Odia

This oil comes from the castor plant or Ricinus communis plant seeds. This oil is thick, odourless oil. These seeds are normally available in Africa and Asia countries. It is directly applied to the skin by the use of cotton. it is safe to use our skin. This oil is used on our skin for cosmetic and medical purposes due to the health benefits of our face and skin. it is normally available in liquid form due to it is normally used as a product of liquid form. It looks slightly yellow in colour. This seed is most valuable just like the chia seed in Odia. This oil presents an active ingredient so people are using this product better results to our skin. This oil we can use directly to our skin.

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In the current time, castor oil is produced also in India. because it is more beneficial to our health and traditional uses, anti-inflammatory properties. This oil is used in skin beauty and hair care products also for medicinal purposes.


  1. it is time taking process for observation of our skin by the polish to our skin also.
  2. it is used as lamp fuel because people do not know about its benefits this time. In the current situation, it is used for beauty and medical purposes.
  3. This is used in a hair conditioner for better hair growth and shine.


In this present lots of vitamins and minerals like:

  • calories
  • protein
  • fat
  • carbohydrates
  • fibre
  • sugar
  • vitamin E
  • Omega-9
  • Omega-6

Benefits of castor oil

Castor oil is beneficial to our skin also hair and too many types like:

  • Powerful Laxative
  • Natural moisturizer
  • anti-inflammatory agents
  • reduce Acne in our skin
  • Fight fungus to our skin
  • hair growth

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