carbohydrates meaning in odia

 carbohydrates meaning in Odia describe its benefits uses and nutrients also vitamin all of the carbohydrates in Odia full describe.

Carbohydrates in odia
Carbohydrates in odia

Carbohydrates in Odia 

it is the combination of hydrogen-oxygen and carbon. it is a sugar which is needed for our body. it is one type of sugar that beaks into our body and after breaks, it is converted to glucose. this glucose are can flow to our body with the help of blood. glucose is help to an energy source to our brain this energy help our body movent like work, exercise and activity.

carbohydrates are mainly two types

  • Simple carbohydrates
  • Complex carbohydrates

simple carbohydrates in Odia is molecular structure is small like 1 or 2. it is absorbed quickly into our body. it is available to our market easily which is glucose, sugar, fruit, milk etc.

complex carbohydrates in Odia is molecular structure is above 3. it is time to break carbohydrates so glucose is converted slowly. it is given energy to our body slow so our body is fit and not to survive for energy. in this carbohydrates present also a vitamin, minerals. These carbohydrates are present in this food like vegetables, bread.

carbohydrates in Odia for the complete information of this field detail about uses why it can use and benefits also define the.

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