tilapia fish in odia


Tilapia fish in odia is called as KAU MACHHA. It is the Most benifitioal fish and this fish life is long time period.

Tilapia fish is benifits to our body in many types In this fish avelable protein and vitamin and other nutrients.

tilapia fish in odia image

In this image you are easily seen meaning of this fish with a fish image.


  1. Calories
  2. Carbs
  3. Fats
  4. Niacin
  5. Vitamin B12
  6. Phosphorus
  7. Selenium
  8. Potasium
  9. Water
  10. Energy
  11. Protein
  12. Calcium
  13. Zinc
  14. Magnesium

In this fish is mainly consumed in the united states. It is a white colour fish and rich in more protein. This type of fish available in warm water

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  1. It is help to growth our body
  2. It is help to Weight loss
  3. Improve Bone health
  4. Improve heart health
  5. Boost immune system

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