indian roller in odia

 indian roller in odia The indian roller bird is look like beautiful. It is 30-34 cm long, 65-75cm wingspan. It is known by the name of “Blue jay”. It is mainly avelable in South Asia, West Asia,India,iraq, saudi Arabia, and look some islands. This bird are look like : the face and throat are pinkish, …

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Festival odia

Festival in Odisha (all Famous festivals with month name)

April-May Mahabisuba Sankranti, Akshaya Trutuiya, Chandan Yatra, Nrusingha Janma May-June Sitala Sasthi, Debasnana Purnima, Raja Festival, Sabitri Amabasya June-July Sri gundicha, Bahuda Yatra, Byasa Purnima, Chitalagi Amabasya july-August Nagapanchami, Jhulana Yatra, Gamha Purnima August-September Khudurukuni Osha, Janmastami, Ganesh Puja, Ananta Brata, Sunia Somnath Brata, Radhastami September-Octomber Biswakarma Puja, Dusehara, Kumar Purnima Octomber-November Deepabali, Aania Nabami, …

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tilapia fish in odia

Tilapia fish in odia is called as KAU MACHHA. It is the Most benifitioal fish and this fish life is long time period. Tilapia fish is benifits to our body in many types In this fish avelable protein and vitamin and other nutrients. tilapia fish in odia image In this image you are easily seen …

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